It all started with a delicious (and challenging) idea: can we create a perfectly crunchy Ice Cream Macaron? The real challenge was mastering the delicate balance of humidity transfer from the ice cream to the macaron shell, a feat that required exceptional skill and ingenuity to prevent sogginess.

Our commitment to creating a truly authentic Macaron according to the rules of art was paramount, and we refused to take any shortcuts, such as adding a layer of chocolate in-between. Using only the finest ingredients, including almond powder, egg whites, and sugar, our highly skilled French Pastry Chef devoted himself to crafting the perfect recipe, tirelessly experimenting until he achieved absolute perfection.

The result is stunning: our Macaron shells boast a perfectly soft interior and an irresistibly crunchy exterior. Chefs all over the world constantly inquire about the secret to our success. We proudly refer to it as our original, closely guarded recipe! What you will taste is a delicious fusion of a perfectly baked Macaron paired with a premium, exquisitely crafted ice cream like you have never experienced before.

Papila is a Spain-based gourmet food company with a French soul. Created in 2018 by Eric Viviant, Papila SL produces and distributes Mediterranean Gourmet products.

In 2019, Papila Collection created a sister brand to focus on exceptional and innovative gourmet products. L’original Macaron Ice Cream is its first product and first success! After France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, the Ice Cream Macaron arrives in the United States, exclusively at Sam’s Club.